Digital Resources for Parents and Students




Did you know that BHMS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) School? Here is some general info for parents on what this means https://www.ibo.org/en/information-for-parents

Did you happen to see the IB MYP Coordinator’s flyer earlier this month? http://www.bloomfield.org/uploaded/schools/BHMS/Inquirer_10-5-18_Listserv.pdf

Kathy Janelle, our IB MYP Coordinator at BHMS explains the IB Learner Profile Traits. For the month of October the highlighted Learner Profile Trait is: INQUIRER. According to Mrs. Janelle, “Students who are INQUIRERS are curious about the world. They can conduct research independently. They love learning and discovering new things and will carry this love of learning with them throughout life. They have acquired the skills necessary to conduct purposeful, constructive research. They actively enjoy learning and their love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.”

Here are some digital sites you and your kids might find fun and interesting as Inquirers. Please share additional resources you have found helpful for your 5th grader, we’d love to expand the list!

Art and Culture

  • Google Cultural Institute:  explore museums and archives from around the world. Create your own galleries to share. Search time periods, artists, historical moments, etc.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art for Kids:  tour the museum, search time periods, read or listen to information about the different pieces
  • Google Arts and Culture:  explore millions of artifacts and pieces of art shared by museums across the world. (web and app)



  • Epic: digital library for kids 12 and under 


Classroom Homework Helpers


Digital Citizenship






Search Engines and Collections for Kids


Social Studies

  • TweenTribune: a great site by Smithsonian that provides K-12 current event articles, each at different reading levels. Each article has a short quiz and a place to comment. 
  • Digital History: primary sources and historical information
  • The Learning Network: resources from the New York Times for teaching social studies


Study Aids

  • Examtime.com: build mind maps, flash cards, quizzes and notes to create yourown study aids




 *Please preview all sites before using with students since they may have changed since posting.