• Check and Reimbursement Request Form
  • 1) To pay a vendor (you can have the check cut prior to the event so that you may pay the vendor or you can have the Treasurer send the vendor a check after the event) 
  • 2) For you to be reimbursed for buying something with your own money. 
  • You must attach the original receipt or invoice for it to be paid.  Please click on the link above and print and complete the form, attach the receipt, and leave it in the PTO mailbox at the BHMS front office.    

  • PTO Cash Box Request Form 
  • To make monetary change during an event.  Please submit this form at least 48 hours prior to needing the cash.  Once you leave the request form in the PTO box, please either call, text or phone the Treasurer that the Request is waiting for her. Upon receipt, please count the cash to ensure accuracy. In the cash box you will also find your PTO Cash Box Request.

  • PTO Deposit Form
  • Used to deposit any cash or checks you have collected at an event. If you are using this form to deposit cash (and any excess cash) from a cash box, please staple the original PTO Cash Box Request to the PTO Deposit Form